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Four famous desserts

The four famous traditional desserts refer to sesame cakes, baked cakes, sesame cookies and white sesame slices.

Old hen soups

Feixi County’s old hen is famous all over the country. It is worth driving for 40 minutes from downtown to taste it in the Feixi old hen base area.

Salted duck and soya bean

Salted duck and soya bean is a traditional folk cuisine of Hefei. It looms large in the memories of the city's old people.


Hefei has been awarded the title of "China's Freshwater Crayfish Capital" and is the only city in China to win this honor.

Smelly mandarin fish (臭鳜鱼/chòu guì yú)

Smelly mandarin fish is arguably the most popular Anhui dish across the country.

Anhui cuisine

Anhui cuisine is characterized by its heavy use of oil, deeply flavored sauces, and superior soups and stock.

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