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Wild Grape Wine

The wine is made from downy grapes that are unique to Du'an's mountainous area using traditional Yao methods integrated with modern technology.

Bama oily fish

Bama oily fish is a kind of rare fish normally found in the Panjiang River of Bama Yao autonomous county.

Nandan county's Danquan Wine

With the largest wine production base in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Danquan Wine is the province's most renowned and finely produced wine.

Sesame swordfish

This prized freshwater swordfish, along with striped dwarf catfish, is only found in the Hongshui River basin.


Madagun is rolled sticky rice ball covered with soybean powder. It is an ideal food to treat visiting friends and guests.

Swelled sugar rice

Mihuatang, or swelled sugar rice, is a traditional handmade delicacy made by locals of the Du'an Yao autonomous region in Hechi.


Juanfen is a special food originating from Bama county. Its main ingredient is a sheet jelly made from rice.

Pillow Zongzi

Pillow Zongzi, named after their shape, is much larger than the normal Zongzi, a traditional Chinese food usually served during Dragon Boat Festival.

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