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Baiyupao Hotel

Baiyupao, or White Fish Bubble Wetland, is located in Juyuan town of Daoyuan district, Harbin city, 25 kilometers from the urban area.

Post Hotel

Post Hotel Group Co is a large and diverse company owned by the Post Office of Heilongjiang Province.

Harbin Modern Hotel

Harbin Modern Hotel was established and opened in 1906, as one of the most luxurious multi-function hotels in Harbin at the time.

Shangda Hotel

Shangda Hotel is a modern hotel providing restaurants, conference facilities, entertainment and other services.

Hanlin Hyatt Hotel

Harbin Hanlin Hyatt Hotel (formerly the building for Harbin Polytechnic) is a new four-star hotel for business and conferences.

Jinhe Hotel

Harbin Jinhe Hotel is subordinate to the Harbin Office of the People's Government of Qigihar city.

Friendship Palace Hotel

Friendship Palace Hotel in Harbin, formerly known as the “Sino-Soviet Friendship Palace”, was founded in 1954 and is a four-star hotel catering to tourists.

Milky Way Hotel

Milky Way Hotel is located in the center of the business district of Harbin, and is connected with Harbin Railway Station in the north, and the Second Ring Road in the south.

Daqing Hotel

Opened in 2004, Daqing Hotel is located in the bustling commercial area of Harbin.

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