An exciting encounter with Hangzhou: culture, food and entertainment during Spring Festival

As the most culturally dynamic and economically advanced city in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is a perfect place for tourists to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year. Here are some wonderful activities during Spring Festival for people to enjoy. Check them out!

Head to Hangzhou for the holiday

Known as the “paradise on earth”, Hangzhou is the perfect gateway for the upcoming National Holiday. If sipping freshly picked green tea, biking around a beautiful lake and walking through an ancient Buddhist temple sounds enticing, hop on the bullet train to Hangzhou.

How to set up an Alipay account as a foreigner

In major Chinese cities, paying by cash is all but a thing of the past for many thanks to the convenience of mobile payment. For expats in Hangzhou, you can pay with Alipay, or as it's known in Chinese, Zhifubao, China's leading mobile and online payment service.

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