5 recommended routes for exploring Guangzhou's forest ecology

Guangzhou's bureau of forestry and landscaping released a total of five routes for visitors interested in exploring the city's forest ecology.

Looking at Guangzhou's history through landmark buildings

Architecture is a kind history and bears the imprint of an era, with landmark buildings being a calling card for a city and mirroring its development.

Top 10 rural travel itineraries in Guangzhou

Rural tourist destinations in Guangzhou received about 1 million visits during the first three days of the week-long National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7, including 370,100 visits from outside Guangdong province and 359,800 visits came from other parts of the province.

Yang Cheng Tong card

Yang Cheng Tong, literally "Ram City Pass", is a form of electronic ticketing under the intellectual transportation system used on public transports services such as buses, taxis, metro and ferries within Guangzhou. It can also be used to make payments in convenience stores including Circle K and 7-Eleven.

Liangkou town: ideal place for picking juicy yangmei in Guangzhou

The yangmei, also known as myrica rubra, Chinese bayberry or waxberry, is a sweet, crimson-colored fruit native to East Asia, particularly South China.

A guide to autumn bird watching spots in Guangzhou

The early October signifies a cooling down in weather and also the favourite time of year for Chinese ornithologists.

Half white and half blue sky mesmerizes Guangzhou

An unusual meteorological phenomenon appeared in Guangzhou on Jan 11, bringing locals a rare but magnificent view of a sky featuring half white and half blue.

Winter views in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is not dubbed as the "Flower City" for no reason. The city looks vibrant even during winter as the azaleas are in full bloom across the city with the cold wave temporarily disappearing.

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