Zhusheng Noodles

Zhusheng Noodles, or literally "bamboo pole" noodles, are a traditional food in South China's Guangdong province. The special Lingnan delicacy is made with a bamboo pole, which is where it gets the name Zhusheng Noodles.

Niusanxing (Beef Offal)

Niusanxing is a traditional Guangzhou snack made with beef offal such as liver, kidney and tripe

Cantonese Liangfen

Liangfen is a Chinese dish consisting of starch jelly that is usually served cold, with a savory sauce, often in the summer. It is usually made from bean or potato starch.

Water Chestnut Cake

Water chestnut cake is a traditional Cantonese dim sum dish made during the Chinese New Year. On festive occasions, people will prepare the delicacy hoping it will attract good fortune.


The smoldering humid heat (known as "sauna weather") during summer in the southern regions of China reminds us why liangcha (cooling herbal tea) remains an important part of summer life in Guangzhou.

Double-Layered Milk Pudding

As a dairy product, it is nutritional and low in fat. A spoonful of this creamy pudding leaves a lingering, pleasant taste in the mouth.

Sliced suckling pig

This dish features a suckling pig prepared with a bright red, oily textured skin and tender meat.

Yum Cha

Yum cha, or "going out for dim sum", is a term in Cantonese which literally means "drinking tea".

Shelled prawns in oil

Shelled prawns are mixed with self-raising flour and egg whites, then salted and refrigerated before being boiled in hot oil. This dish retains the flavor of fresh prawns while offering a tender and crisp texture.

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