Baiyun Trotter (白云猪手 bai yun zhu shou)

Baiyun Trotter goes very nicely with wine and is said to improve the complexion and to help maintain a sense of youthfulness.

Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken (广州文昌鸡 Guangzhou wen chang ji)

Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken is an ingenious dish by removing the bones before boiling, steaming and frying the chicken meat with ham and chicken liver.

Huadiao Chicken (花雕鸡 hua diao ji)

Huadiao Chicken, is a highlight of Guangzhou Beiyuan Restaurant.

Lettuce in Oyster Sauce (蚝油生菜 hao you sheng cai)

Lettuce in Oyster Sauce is known for its effectiveness in clearing heat and diminishing inflammation.

Baijiao Sea Bass (白蕉海鲈 bai jiao hai lu)

The sea bass is a nationally protected geographical indication product of Baijiao in the city of Zhuhai.

Fried Chicken Feet with Oyster Oil (蚝油凤爪 hao you feng zhua)

Fried Chicken Feet with Oyster Oil features meticulous cooking techniques.

Cantonese-Style Roasted Duck (广式烤鸭 guang shi kao ya)

Cantonese-Style Roasted Duck features an eye-pleasing golden color, crispy skin and fragrant meat.

Urchin (海胆)

Urchins are benthonic, living at or below the sediment level of the ocean off Dong'ao Island.

Shangheng Steamed Yellow Sand Clam (上横黄沙蚬/Shangheng Huangshaxian)

Steamed Yellow Sand Clam is a traditional food in Doumen, yet another Intangible Cultural Heritage item in Zhuhai.

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