Fuzhou Fish Ball (福州鱼丸/Fu Zhou Yu Wan)

Fuzhou fish ball is one of the most famous dishes in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province. In this area, fish balls are made from fish with a minced pork filling.

Buddha Jumps over the Wall (佛跳墙/Fo Tiao Qiang)

Buddha Jumps over the Wall is one of the most typical cuisines in Fujian. It is made of 18 pricey ingredients, including shark fish, abalone, sea cucumber, ginseng and scallops.

Rice Paste in Shrimp Soup (鼎边糊/Ding Bian Hu)

The rice paste in shrimp soup is a renowned Fujian delicacy for breakfast. A prepared rice paste is poured around the rim of an iron boiler and heated until it is dried and then added to a seafood soup.

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