Famous restaurants in Fujian

A coastal province in the southeastern part of the country, Fujian has been a popular tourist destination. Here are some famous restaurants in the province for visitors.

Mashed Taros(芋泥/Yu Ni)

Mashed Taros is a traditional dessert in Min cuisine or Fujian cuisine. The taros are steamed then mashed with white sugar, eggs and lard.

Dried Meat (燕皮/Yan Pi)

Yan Pi, literally "swallow skin", is a thin wrapper made with large proportions of lean minced pork. This wrapper has a unique texture due to the incorporation of meat.

Spring Roll of Fujian Style(五香卷/Wu Xiang Juan)

The spring roll of Fujian style is made from spiced meat, water chestnut and scallions wrapped in fried soybean.

Sipunculid worm jelly(土笋冻/Tu Sun Dong)

Sipunculid worm jelly is a delicacy popular in Southeast Fujian. it is a kind of seafood which is said to be invented by Zheng Chenggong, a patriotic hero of China.

Litchi Pork (荔枝肉/Li Zhi Rou)

Litchi Pork refers to a kind of traditional Fujian cuisine made of water chestnut and pork in the shape of litchi.

Oyster Omelet (蚵仔煎/Ke Zai Jian)

The oyster omelet is widely known for its savory taste. The dish consists of an omelette with a filling commonly made of small oysters, eggs and scallions.

Peanut soup (花生汤/Hua Sheng Tang)

The peanut soup is a traditional dessert originating from Quanzhou, Southeast Fujian province. It is composed of peanuts and eggs and seasoned with sugar.

Kompyang (光饼/Guang Bing)

Kompyang is a bread product originating from Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province and is made with lard, onions, salt and flour.

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