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Dalian sea urchin (海胆 haidan)

Sea urchin in Dalian is also known as ciguozi, and the city is renowed for its purple sea urchin which is rich in Xiaoping island, Changhai county.

Dalian stir-fried sea intestine (炒海肠子 chaohaichangzi)

Sea intestine is a type of mollusk, with its translucent body looking like a piece of intestine, hence the name.

Dalian corbicula (蚬子 xianzi)

Local residents in Dalian often eat corbicula in the summer, which is mostly found in July and August, fleshy and juicy.

Fresh seafood available in Dalian once again

The annual four-month fishing ban in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea ended on Sept 1. This is good news for seafood lovers in Dalian.

Pan-Fried Potato Jelly with Seafood (海鲜焖子 haixianmenzi)

It's the one of the most favorite and commonly eaten dishes among local residents in Dalian.

Dalian Abalone (大连鲍鱼 baoyu)

Abalone is deemed one of the "marine treasures" for its tender meat and high nutritional content.

Dalian Sea Cucumber(海参 haishen)

Sea cucumbers, belonging to a group of animals called echinoderms (meaning spiny skin), are one of the rare sea foods with high protein, low fat, and low cholesterol.

Colorful snowflake scallops (五彩雪花扇贝 wucaixuehuashanbei)

It is a local seafood dish, where egg white is made into snowflake-shape to embrace the scallops.

Pancakes with Salted Fish(咸鱼饼子 xianyubingzi)

This dish first gained its popularity in the countryside before being introduced to the city.

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