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Must-visit bars in Changsha

Changsha, as a city of entertainment, offers a variety of options for nightlife.Here are some famous bars for people with different tastes.

Huogongdian (Temple of Fire-god) Restaurant

Huogongdian restaurant is a China time-honored brand as well as one of Changsha's Top 10 traditional catering brands.

Yuloudong Restaurant

Yuloudong Restaurant is a time-honored brand in Changsha and it is viewed as the source of Hunan cuisine.

Deyuan Steamed Stuffed Buns

Deyuan buns are characterized with thin skin but large fillings, pure whiteness, and a soft and elastic texture.

Yang Yuxing Noodle House

Yang Yuxing Noodle House is famous for its soft hand-made egg noodles made fresh to order.

Xiangbin spring roll (湘宾春卷, Xiang bin chun juan)

Chunjuan, or spring roll, is a traditional Changsha snack with a history that spans over 1000 years.

Kouwei shrimp (口味虾, Kou wei xia)

Kouwei shrimp spicy and hot.

Changsha-style rice vermicelli (长沙米粉, Changsha mi fen)

Changsha-style rice vermicelli is an indispensable part of Changsha people's life.

Smelly bean curd (臭豆腐, Chou dou fu)

Smelly Bean Curd is made from bean curd, bitter winter bamboo shoots and white wine.

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