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A warm winter Rug

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Pots of flavor to be found at Beijing's Ao Ba Nian

Spicy hotpot's broth is usually only for boiling ingredients, but at Ao Ba Nian Hotpot restaurant, the soup is also for sipping-and it's quite tasty.

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A place for traditional snacks

Instant-boiled mutton (涮羊肉/Shuan Yang Rou)

Tall copper pots with funnels have become a Beijing icon.

Stir-fried starch knots (炒疙瘩/Chao Ge Da)

Chao ge da, or stir-fried starch knots, is a kind of Chinese pasta.

Tanghulu (糖葫芦/Candied Haw)

Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit.

Zhajiangmian (炸酱面/Fried Sauce Noodles)

Since people found Zhajiangmian in restaurants of Shandong cuisine in Beijing, it has been gradually welcomed by people in places such as Beijing, Hebei and Tianjin. It consists of wheat noodles topped with fried bean sauce and vegetables. Zhajiangmian tastes fresh and delicious.

Roast Duck (烤鸭/Kao Ya)

It is said that there are two things that you must do when visiting Beijing: One is to enjoy the roast duck and the other is to take a stroll on the Great Wall.

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