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The typical Baotou Tour includes Wudang Lamasery, Northern Weaponry Park, Meidai Monastery and so on.


Baotou is a transportation hub for the Beijing-Baotou, Baotou-Lanzhou and Baotou-Xi’an railways.


Baotou specialties, with a strong northwest flavor, are mainly represented by beef, mutton and noodles.


Total investment in Wanda Plaza, Qingshan district of Baotou is 3.5 billion yuan.

Travel Agencies

Travelers in Baotou are able to choose travel agencies as they need.


Baotou has a large number of hotels featuring modern and fashionable decorations and providing guests a deluxe and elegant environment.


The best season to travel Baotou is from late June to the end of September, where tourists can enjoy an assortment of natural scenery and ethnic customs.

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