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Zhang Maoyu

Updated: Jul 17, 2017 SIPO Print


Born in April 1965, Zhang Maoyu, member of the Communist Party of China, is an  ethnic Han and native of Liaocheng city of Shandong province. From September 1980 to July 1985, he studied radio engineering at Tsinghua University and graduated from the Beijing Vacuum Electronics Institute of Ministry of Electronics with a Master’s degree in Engineering in 1987.

1987-2004: Examiner, Department of Electrical Inventions Examination, State Intellectual Property Office; Deputy Division Director and Division Director, Patent Reexamination Board, State Intellectual Property Office

2004-2009: Deputy Director and Director, Patent Affairs Administration Department, State Intellectual Property Office

2009-2014: Deputy Director, Patent Reexamination Board, State Intellectual Property Office (October 2010- October 2012 Deputy Director and Member of the Party and Labor Union, Administration Commission of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone of Fujian Province, serving temporary position)

2014-2016: Deputy Director General (bureau level), Patent Office, State Intellectual Property Office

2016-present: Deputy Commissioner and Party Leadership Group Member, State Intellectual Property Office

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