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He Zhimin

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He Zhimin, born in October 1963, is a member of the central standing committee of the China Association of Democracy Promotion. An ethnic Han, he is a native of Pingchang county, Sichuan province. He Zhimin is also a professor, Ph.D. supervisor and deputy to the National People’s Congress.

He was included in the program list for New Century Excellent Talents in September 1994 and the Key Talent Project in October 1995, and also won the special allowance granted by the State Council in September 1996.

He Zhimin obtained a Master’s degree at Tianjin University in January 1985 and went on to work as a teacher in the same university after graduation. Later, he was awarded a joint training doctoral degree with Tianjin University and University of Aquila (Italy) in August 1990. 

1985-1996: Deputy Director, Professor, and Ph.D. supervisor, Institute of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University

1996-1998: Vice Manager, Tianjin Chemical Engineering Corporation

1998-2000: Vice Manager, Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group

2000-2008: Deputy Director, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission 

2001: Vice Chairman, Tianjin Municipal Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy 

2001: Vice President, Tianjin Youth Federation

2002: Vice President, Tianjin Association for Science and Technology (TAST)

2002: Member of the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy 

2003: Deputy to the National People’s Congress

2005-2006: Deputy Director, Technical Department, Chinese Olympic Committee 

2008-2014: Director General, Tianjin Intellectual Property Office (bureau level)

2014: Deputy Commissioner, State Intellectual Property Office

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