Foreign Affairs

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Date of Presenting the Letter of Appointment

The date of presenting the letter of appointment of the resident representatives of international organizations.

Reporting loss of passport or property

In case of the loss of the passport in China, foreign journalists should report it immediately to the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of the local PSB, specifying the time, place and circumstances of the loss, as well as the lost passport's number and expiration date.

Applying for Certificate for Permanent Office of Foreign Media Organization and Press Card

Foreign journalists who have been approved to be based in Beijing shall take their passports to apply for a Press Card (R) at the International Press Center within 7 working days upon their arrival in China.

Coverage of public emergency incidents

In case of public emergency, the Chinese government or governing authorities concerned will release relevant information in a timely manner, introduce the latest development of the emergency, report the progress in dealing with the emergency, the measures taken by the government and the protective measures for the public so as to provide the media with timely information.


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