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  • About China

    Basic Profile; People; Geographical Condition; Political System; Culture and Education

  • Culture and Arts

    Guiding information of China's public cultural instituions, cultural landmarks, and online features.

  • Consumer Issues

    Online-shopping and Payment; Tax-free; Rights and Complaints; Scams and Unwanted Marketing

  • Disability Services

    Support Services; Rehabitation; Jobs and Education; Rights; Perverty Alleviation

  • Education

    Education System; Primary and Secondary Education; Universities; Scholarship

  • Family and Community

    Marriage and Divorce;Births and Deaths; Adoption and Fostering; Chinld Care; Housing and Property

  • Foreign Affairs

    Missions Overseas; Diplomatic Missions; Communique; Press Conference

  • Foreign Exchanges

    Exchange of Chinese currency for another or the conversion of one currency into another currency.

  • Government Agencies

    A list of government organs of the People's Republic of China.

  • Health

    Public Health; Hospitals; Childcare; Vaccuines;Food; Drugs; Self-care Product

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Copyright; Patent; Trademark; Geographical Indication; Laws and Regulations; Publications

  • International Development Cooperation

    To provide foreign aid reform way, formulate foreign aid programs and determine foreign aid projects.

  • Invest in China

    How to invest in China. Here's the online guide to foreign investment there.

  • IT and Communications

    Internet+; Advanced Result; ENcyopedia; Communication; Statistics

  • Judicial System

    Courts and Tribunals; Procurators; Legal Rights; Judicial Administration; Legal System

  • Learning Chinese

    Tips; Tests; Buzzwords;Scholarship; Multimedia Learning

  • Money and Credit

    Banking Services; Money and Payment; Debt and Credit Record; Insurance; Donations

  • National Security and Defense

    To exercise unified administration over the development of the armed forces of China.

  • News Release

    The latest news and headlines from the State Council Information Office.

  • State-owned Enterprises

    Directory of Central SOEs; Statistics; Laws and Regulations

  • Taxation

    Tax information for foreign residents, enterprises,traders and travelers.

  • Trade

    Exhibitions; Pilot Free Trade Zones; Statistics; Resources;

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    TCM; Therapies; Hospitals; Learning TCM in China; Laws and Regulations

  • Transportation

    China has an efficient public transportation network, especially between the large cities.

  • Travel and Tourism

    Find stories and information on travel to China, vacation advice and hot tourists destinations.

  • Visas and Immigration

    Check if you need a Chinese visa, apply, manage your application, biometric residence permits

  • White Papers

    A listing of Chinese Government-issued white papers on various topics yearly.

  • Work in China

    Find a Job; Visas and Permits; Rights and Obligations; Wages and Taxes; Retirement

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