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Rock painting exhibition opens in Hohhot

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A fabulous exhibition highlighting a display of incomparably precious and ancient artifacts from the Han dynasties (206 BC-AD 24, 25-220) opened at Inner Mongolia Museum in Hohhot, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Oct 25, according to

The ongoing exhibition, hosted by the culture, tourism, radio and television bureau of Alshaa League, is displaying a total of 39 precious rock paintings from Alshaa, six stone carvings, 60 bamboo and wooden ships from the Han dynasties and 60 rock paintings. It is being funded by the China National Arts Fund.

According to the exhibition organizers, the event is showcasing Alshaa’s rich historical and cultural heritage and its extraordinary features.

Located in the westernmost area of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Alshaa is famous for its ancient rock paintings -- with more than 50,000 examples discovered in the league.

The Alshaa rock paintings on display at the exhibition depict figures, animals, symbols and hunting, sacrifices, and dances -- recreating the social life and spiritual beliefs of different eras and different ethnic groups.

The ancient bamboo and wooden ships discovered in Alshaa League are evocative relics which touch upon the everyday lives of the Han dynasties – including political, military, economic, cultural, scientific, legal, philosophical and religious affairs.

They also have reference to the ethnic groups of the Han dynasties, and are widely regarded as being of high academic value.


An extraordinary stone artifact, being examined by two curious women, is shaped as a man’s head with a sheep’s body. [Photo/]


Visitors try out rock painting at Inner Mongolia Museum, on Oct 25. [Photo/]

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