Global cashmere exhibition in Ordos |

Global cashmere exhibition in Ordos

Updated: Oct 16, 2019 Print


A news conference is held to introduce the 2018 China (Ordos) International Cashmere Wool Conference and Exhibition that will be held in Ordos, from Sept 14 to 16. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordos] 

The city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, will host the 2018 China (Ordos) International Cashmere Wool Conference and Exhibition, from Sept 14 to 16, according to an announcement at a news conference held on July 19.

The news conference attracted  more than 100 participants, including representatives from the China Chamber of International Commerce, Ordos government, Inner Mongolia Council for the Promotion of Trade, government in Dongsheng district and the Ordos Council for the Promotion of Trade. 

According to the introduction made by Yu Renjie, deputy mayor of Ordos, more than 200 domestic and foreign well-known purchasing agents, trade delegations from over 10 countries and around 200 domestic companies will head to Ordos for the event in September. 

Ordos is home to China’s largest provenance of the Alpas cashmere goat and a well-known raw material site of cashmere.

Every year, the amount of organic wool generated in the production base here can reach over 5,900 tons. 

In 2008, the Ordos fine wool was recognized by the National Ministry of Agriculture as one of the first batch of “products of geographical indication” which authorized the binding of the two words “Ordos” and “cashmere.”  Due to the fine quality, the wool made in Ordos has earned the title of "diamond fiber". 

The developments, trends and hot issues within the cashmere industry will also feature at the conference.

The exhibition hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, where products related to cashmere and knitting machines will be exhibited.


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