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Gorgeous Identifications: A glimpse of the colorful Mongolian clothing culture


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Model in Urad clothing [Photo/cctv.com]
Model in Urad clothing[Photo/cctv.com]
Models in Urad clothing [Photo/cctv.com]

Origin of the Tribe
Urad, which means “skillful craftsman” in Mongolian, descend from Hasar (a younger brother of Genghis Khan) and his offspring. It became submissive to the reign of the Later Jin in 1633 and was reorganized into the Urad Front Banner, Urad Middle Banner, and Urad Rear Banner of Inner Mongolia in 1648.

Features of the Clothing
Styles, decorative borders and colors play significant roles in Urad costumes. Robes are either slim fitting with slits or loose without slits at the lower hems. Men prefer blue or brown loose robes with high collars and horse-hoof sleeves; in winter they like wearing robes made of lamb skin. Women loves robes in bright colors. Elder people often choose loose robes of soft textures that have one or two decorative bands along the rim of the garment. Men often wear yellow, sky blue or light green waistbands while women prefer red, orange and green ones. Men have multiple choices for wearing hats: in winter they have round hats, windproof hats or leather cone-shaped hats; in summers they like hats with a standing brim or ones with a rear slit; in spring or autumn they often wear round hats or top-hats. Men and women both wear cloth boots in summer and leather ones in the other three seasons.

Dressing Customs
Girls get their ears pierced before the age of 10 and keep one or three braids with maids’ special headdress flowers from 13 and 18 years old. Unmarried women often wear round hats or hairbands in bright colors, pink or green robes matched with girdles in contrasting colors, and cloth boots embroidered with patterns in Mongolian styles. Brides have their hair separated and coiled at the back of their heads before putting on headgear. Women's robes are matched with embroidered ornaments on button loops at the front. Men don’t wear robes with horse-hoof sleeves until they turn 18, after which they can match waistcoats and riding jackets with their robes. Grooms usually wear blue robes, black riding jackets, round hats with propitious knot and cap button, leather boots, and accessories like steels, knives, bows and arrows.

Women in the winter outfits of the Urad tribe [Photo/VCG]


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