Generous incentives on offer for high-caliber talents in Hangzhou |


Generous incentives on offer for high-caliber talents in Hangzhou

Updated: Aug 14, 2019 Print

Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently released a revised list of the classifications for high-caliber talents in Hangzhou, local media reported on Aug 12.

The list includes 88 types of professionals in five different categories, namely domestic and overseas top talents (A), national leading talents (B), provincial leading talents (C), municipal leading talents (D), and top talents (E).

The approved talents are eligible for favorable terms and policies in residence, housing subsidy, children schooling, medical insurance and vehicle registration in Hangzhou.

The revised list broadens the scope of science and technological awards and attaches greater importance to talents in the social sciences and education sectors, according to an official from the Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

"As a city renowned for innovation and entrepreneurship, Hangzhou is highly tolerant and accepting of new things and new ecology," said the official.

According to the list, senior management personnel and key talents of technology research and development who have over 1 million yuan ($141,500) in annual income in integrated circuit businesses with an annual sales revenue of over 5 billion yuan have a better chance of being identified as national leading talents.

Outstanding entrepreneurial talents who are also college graduates are listed in the category of top talents.

In an effort to lure more talents, Hangzhou also improves living allowances for talents in B, C and D categories, who will receive 1.2 million, 1 million and 0.8 million yuan respectively upon being approved.

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