Hangzhou launches new club for intl startups

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A club for international entrepreneurs was unveiled during 2019 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, on June 14.

The Hangzhou International Startup Club, initiated by five overseas professionals who worked in Hangzhou, aims to build an open and shared network to attract global talent and innovative resources to Hangzhou, and contribute to the international development of the city.

Forty-five foreign-funded enterprises from 28 countries and regions across the world -- including Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Sweden and India -- joined the club.

The logo for the club, also dubbed the HISC, was also unveiled. Its design represents Hangzhou and the international influences, Belt and Road development, entrepreneurship and interconnectivity.

"Overseas entrepreneurs usually have troubles in accessing preferential policies due to cultural and language difficulties when starting up business in China," said Lucas Rondez, an entrepreneur from Switzerland.

Having lived in Hangzhou since 2005, Rondez started niHUB in 2016, an innovative platform assisting foreign startups and companies to succeed in the Chinese market.

Hangzhou not only boasts quality education and company resources, but also a sound ecology for startups where they can thrive through capital support and preferential policies, Rondez noted, adding that the club will serve as a community for overseas entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and share information in setting up their businesses.

"The entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere is developing in Hangzhou, and more and more people are starting their dreams in the city," Rondez said.

The club is a bold innovative move, amid Hangzhou's efforts to drive international development and it's hoped it will play a role in facilitating communications and cooperation among international entrepreneurs and help them to develop in the city.

In recent years, Hangzhou has rolled out a new wave of policies to attract and retain international talents. It has been selected as one of China's top 10 most attractive cities by foreigners for eight consecutive years.

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