Project to favor green coal logistics in Jinzhong

Updated: Jun 20, 2019 Print

A signing ceremony for the Shanxi Coking Coal Fenxi Logistics project was held in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province on June 6.

Located in Liangdu Industrial Park in the Lingshi Economic Development Area, the project consists of the reconstruction of a 2.4-kilometer special electrified railway line, construction of a 17-km tubular tape system, eight silos, and a rapid fixed quantity loading system. 

This coking coal logistics project integrates rail transportation, tubular tape transportation, and coal selection and distribution methods. 

It has an expected annual transportation capacity of 5 million tons and will transfer cargo, particularly coking coal, throughout the Liangdu Industrial Park and neighboring regions by rail, reducing air and dust pollution caused by road transportation and open-air storage and improving transportation safety. 

A total of six companies, including Shanxi Fenxi Mining Industrial Group, will be responsible for the funding and construction of the project, which received 1.2 billion yuan ($173.73 million) in investment. 

The project is an important way for Jinzhong city and Lingshi county to promote cooperation between companies and governments and accelerate economic transformation. 

The Lingshi county government and Shanxi Fenxi Mining Industrial Group also signed a strategic partnership agreement that same day. The two parties will cooperate on development area construction, logistics and transportation, water supply, electricity and heat, and property management.

A signing ceremony for the Shanxi Coking Coal Fenxi Logistics project in Liangdu Industrial Park takes place in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province, June 6. [Photo/]

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