Guizhou's government service evaluates satisfaction ratings

Updated: Jun 17, 2019 Print

Since 2019, Southwest China's Guizhou province has strived to improve the quality of its government service by promoting the evaluation system in government halls and on online-platforms covering provincial, municipal, and county levels.

Through the evaluation system, companies and individuals can rate the service quality via websites, text messages, apps, WeChat applets, and evaluators in government halls.

By analyzing the rates with big data technology, government officials can monitor the service quality in 31,254 windows of 2,622 departments covering 132,953 government services.

The provincial government will pay close attention to departments with low evaluation results. Those departments will be required to improve service quality within a fixed period.

Regions and departments that rank last in the evaluation ranking for a long period of time will be expected to implement rectification measures and reports in a limited time. Service personnel with the lowest evaluation ratings will not be qualified to join the annual examination of excellent employees.

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