325m yuan used to improve rural life

Updated: Jun 14, 2019 innermongolia.chinadaily.com.cn Print

According to local media reports on June 12, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region will invest 325 million ($46.96 million) into the "toilet revolution" and improve the living environment in rural areas.

The region plans to first study the toilet situation in rural areas and then formulates a plan to promote low-cost, simple, and practical toilets that can be used by farmers and herdsmen.

The region hopes to strike a balance between the treatment of toilet waste and domestic sewage and promoting the use of toilet manure in rural areas.

The regional government plans to encourage and guide farmers and herdsmen to renovate toilets and improve the living environment in rural areas while taking into account the local environment, climate, economy, and living habits of farmers and herdsmen.

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