Foreign students experience traditional culture in Yangzhou

Updated: Jun 6, 2019 Print


A foreign student from Yangzhou Institute of Technology learns about Yangzhou's traditional culture from Chinese children June 2. [Photo/]  

A group of foreign students from Yangzhou Institute of Technology spent an unforgettable weekend in Yangzhou's Longtouguan community, in East China's Jiangsu province, last week.

To carry forward traditional culture and to enhance cultural exchange, Longtouguan community organized a series of activities for the students.

Lectures about Yangzhou's traditional culture and the city's relations with the ancient Maritime Silk Road were held.


Foreign students from Yangzhou Institute of Technology learn to make zongzi June 2. [Photo/]  

Additionally, with Dragon Boat Festival (or Duanwu Festival) around the corner, the students learnt about customs related to the festival, such as dragon boat racing and eating zongzi (traditional Chinese rice dumplings).

They also made zongzi by themselves.

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