Association to help more counties sell produce online

Updated: May 22, 2019 By Zhong Nan Print
Zhou Hu (right), an official at the e-commerce training center in Aksu prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, displays the packaging used for agricultural produce. [Photo by Zhao Xinying/China Daily]

The China Association of Trade in Service will connect with more Chinese counties to bring their products into the market via e-commerce channels, modern logistics networks and the government's policies to further stimulate domestic consumption, said officials.

Su Jun, president of the association's e-commerce branch, said the consumption of food and agricultural products is a reflection of economic success. Consumption in this category is rising, and people are eating more diverse types of foods.

"For consumers, foods are becoming more sophisticated and need to be more convenient to get, so e-commerce channels to certain extent have dramatically transformed the agricultural industry in China," he said.

The association is currently working with Linqu county of East China's Shandong province to launch a nationwide campaign to promote both online and offline sales of its cherries, chestnuts and hawthorn berries in city-level markets, as well as providing the county solutions from brand building to logistics to enlarge sales.

Zhang Zhonghua, deputy Party secretary of the CPC Linqu county committee, said the county will deploy more resources and manpower to speed up the construction of agricultural infrastructure; continuously expand various social services such as agriculture, processing and logistics; and focus on building modern agricultural industrial systems to continue the robust growth.

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