China approves Lincang as sustainable development zone

Updated: May 15, 2019 Print

The State Council has approved the establishment of a national innovation demonstration zone for sustainable development in the city of Lincang, Southwest China's Yunnan province.

According to the guideline, the development of Lincang as a less-developed region with multiple ethnic minorities, should be driven by innovation in accordance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and China’s national plan of implementation.

As part of the plan, several issues should be targeted and improved, such as inefficiency in the transformation of featured resources. The application of green energy, green and efficient agricultural production, forestation and modern communication technologies are encouraged.

With alignment of national strategies on infrastructure building being sped up, related departments and industries should also put emphasis on the facilitation of green industries, opening-up and cooperation of border business, lifting from poverty with revitalized industries and inheritance of traditions and cultures.

Lincang is also asked to learn from successful examples for innovative experiences, deepen system reform and find solutions through the most efficient technologies and systems, so as to turn into a complete and well-developed model that can be adopted for regions in less-developed areas with multiple ethnic minority groups.

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