Regulator announces steps to increase transparency in national standards

Updated: May 14, 2019 By WANG XIAODONG Print

More participation from the public has been encouraged in the drafting and revising of national standards, following the adoption of a latest revision to the existing procedure that aimed to improve its transparency, the top administration for market regulation said on Monday.

Institutes that draft or revise national standards must establish public opinion solicitation platforms so the public can provide suggestions through the institutes' standards drafting and revision systems, according to the latest regulation, the State Administration for Market Regulation said.

The measure will facilitate public contribution to the formulation and revision of every national standard to make them more scientific and feasible, it said.

The reform also lowered the threshold for applying to formulate or revise national standards, so more people can participate in the formulation and revising of national standards.

The administration also released a series of new or revised national standards on Monday, covering various areas including internet security, logistics, energy metrology, project management and green packaging.

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