Quzhou to construct another cultural landmark

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The to-be-built Culture Street is expected to become another landmark in Quzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]

Quzhou in East China's Zhejiang province is set to construct a new cultural landmark in the West Region in September, local media recently reported.

With an investment of roughly 1.2 billion yuan ($176.38 million), the project will take full advantage of the scenic Luming Mountain and the profound history of Quzhou to become another city landmark.

The project will include a 3,000 square meter museum, which is expected to house no less than 1,500 artifacts, a 1,000 square meter Contemporary Fine Arts and Crafts Museum, an international cultural exchange center, a center showcasing art masters' works and a Luming Academy to host cultural and art activities.

All the architecture will be constructed with traditional Chinese building skills and integrate the intangible cultural heritages in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, such as tile, wood, and copper carvings.

The buildings will also incorporate elements of European building styles.

In the future, from the old downtown to the West Region, all the scenic spots will be connected together, including ancient Nankong town, ancient Shuimenting Street, Xin'an Lake and Luming Mountain.

The West Region of Quzhou, separated from downtown Quzhou by the Qujiang River, is the city's new center where people work, live, conduct business and study topics of interest.


The architecture of Culture Street will integrate the features of ancient Chinese and modern European buildings. [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]

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