Where to admire birds in Quzhou

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Spotted dove by Wang Hezhong [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]

Bird lovers welcome the best time to admire various waterfowls after the Beginning of Summer (the 7th solar term of China's 24 solar terms).

Here are the best places for watching birds in Quzhou.

Quzhou No 2 High School

When summer and autumn come, the Qujiang river-surrounded Quzhou school becomes a heaven for egrets and herons.

April-June is the reproduction period of egrets, when the waterfowls show their best appearance and unfold their tails like peacocks in meeting a favored mate.

A large amount of night herons, Chinese pond-herons, and cattle egrets can also be seen in the reservoir of Lianhua town in Qujiang district.

Lanke Mountain

Lanke Mountain mainly houses forest birds, such as red-billed blue magpies, kingfishers, wood thrush, pheasants, and grey treepies.

In August 2015, a photographer shot a group of sliver pheasants, which are rarely seen in the mountain.

Dongping village in Xiakou town

Dongping village is a plane on top of a mountain with different scenery in four seasons where people admire red-billed blue magpies, wood thrush, drongos, and scaly-breasted munia.

In autumn when the persimmons ripen one may watch birds perching over branches to peck at them.

Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park

Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park houses a total of 105 different summer and year-round birds. Among them, oriental cuckoos, black-capped kingfishers, great spotted woodpeckers, forest wagtails, and bridled thrushes are endemic.

Hunan town in Qujiang district

Hunan town is in the hinterland of Wuxijiang River, which is shrouded in clouds all year round. People can spot red-billed blue magpies, crested kingfishers, jays, and mandarin ducks.


Grey-throated minivet by Wang Hezhong [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]


Leafbird by Wang Hezhong [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]

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