Nantong raises its profile at Yangzhou expo

Updated: May 7, 2019 By Hu Xiaoyu Print

Nantong city in East China’s Jiangsu province grabbed the spotlight for its rich culture and tourist resources, at the first Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo held in Yangzhou from May 3 to 6.

A variety of cultural and tourism products from the city were displayed and sold during the expo, including wood carving works, local specialties, blue calico cloth and banyao kites.

A promotional conference was held on May 4, where videos presented the city’s cultural and tourism resources, and cultural performances were also staged.

Nantong boasts a long history of canal culture. The city is home to several canals, such as the  Tongyang (Nantong-Yangzhou) Canal and the Rutai (Rudong-Taixing) Canal.

Its canal culture has also become closely connected with the city’s modern industrial development, which dates back more than a century.

The expo attracted a total of 240 exhibitors from 33 cities along the Jinghang (Beijing-Hangzhou) Great Canal. Another 75 international exhibitors from 31 countries and regions also took part in the event to showcase their local canal culture.


A magician performs during a promotional conference for Nantong city at the first Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo in Yangzhou on May 4. [Photo/WeChat account: ntwgx6]

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