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Jinan's plan to develop 10 mega-industries

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Industrial finance

Jinan is promoting the innovative development of its financial operation mechanism, financial products, financial business forms, and financial service system, to build itself into a financial center with influence nationwide.

It is also advancing the establishment of an international capacity cooperation city credit alliance with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, to build itself into a regional highland for the development of credit investigation industry.


Jinan is accelerating its development into an international medical science center.

It is also advancing the development of its precision medicine to provide specialized, personalized, diversified and intelligent healthcare services.

The city is innovating the modes of elderly care, accelerating the integration of medical care with elderly care services, and promoting the socialization and industrialization of elderly care services.

Traditional household management enterprises are being encouraged to expand their businesses into healthcare and elderly care.

The development of the sports sector in the city is also being sped up to foster a batch of competitive key enterprises.

Cultural tourism

The city is boosting the development of Shandong Film and TV Group, and promoting the integrated development of traditional press and publishing industries and the new media sector.

New cultural business forms, such as creative design, digital publishing, cartoons and gaming, and cultural tourism are being developed in the city.

The modern cultural industry and the cultural market system are also being improved to raise the development quality and efficiency of the city's cultural industry.

Scientific and technological services

Jinan is promoting the specialization, socialization and scale development of scientific and technological services to boost the construction of an innovation center for science and technology.

Efforts are being made to boost the development of the city's creative economy, including industrial design, architectural and environmental design, and cultural creative design.

The city is on its way to establishing an intellectual property trading platform to promote the transaction and transfer of intellectual property resources, and create protection nets to strengthen protection of intellectual property.

It is also impelling the market-oriented operation of testing inspection organizations, improving the professional services of standardization research institutions, and cultivating third parties to provide technical services for quality and safety inspection, testing, measurement and certification.

The city is developing a batch of professional service organizations with core technologies, and forming an industrial cluster for energy conservation and environmental protection services.

The development of R&D, business incubation and transformation services in science and technology, is also being given priority in the city.

This year's Baotu Spring Lantern Festival in Jinan, held from Feb 5 to 24, is a significant highlight for tourists where more than 40 sets of splendid lanterns were offered to add a festive atmosphere. The Baotu Spring is the most renowned spring among the 72 named artesian springs in the downtown area of Jinan and is also known as the "First Spring in China". [Photo/IC]

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