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Jinan's plan to develop 10 mega-industries

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Quantum science and technology

Jinan is advancing R&D of quantum communication technologies in free space, and promoting the application of quantum technologies in the fields of national defense, finance, government affairs, business and equipment production.

It is also fostering a quantum technology industrial chain, which is centered on communication network operation, technological standards and security assessment, and R&D and industrialization of key devices and national defense technologies.

Efforts are being made to introduce domestic and international experts in the field of quantum science and technology to help develop quantum scientific instruments, universal quantum computing prototypes and practical quantum simulators.

Biological medicine

Jinan is accelerating the construction of a biological medicine industrial base, fostering high-end industries in proton therapy for cancer and gene drugs, and expediting the development of industries in chemical drugs, bio-pharmaceuticals, high-performance medical apparatus and instruments, and modern Chinese medicine.

The construction of an innovation public service platform is being sped up to boost the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in new drugs.

Efforts are also being made to develop the technical services industries in prospective medicine and genetic profiles, and to promote the construction of demonstration centers for cell therapy and gene testing technology.

The city is cultivating and introducing biotech service organizations to form a system of biotech and pharmaceutical technology innovation services. It is also promoting the application of gene technology in the fields of seeds and pesticides.

Advanced material

Jinan is building a regional bases for scientific research achievement incubation, transformation and industrialization for the advanced materials industry, and the silicon carbide semiconductor and optoelectronic sectors.

The R&D into frontier materials, such as graphene and bio-based carbon sources, is also being intensified in the city.

Jinan is speeding up its development of materials for batteries, membranes, colloids, new-type inorganic nonmetals, and special functional materials.

Incentives are also being improved to promote the city's industrial innovation through materials innovation.

Modern logistics

Jinan is accelerating the planning and construction of a logistic park to improve the logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs and innovate logistics modes.

It is also developing new and featured logistics, fostering logistics enterprises, and enhancing the specialization, socialization and informatization of logistics.

The application of information technology in modern logistics is being sped up in the city, and efforts are being made to promote the integrated development of modern logistics in the manufacturing, commerce and agriculture sectors.

The city also supports the construction of railways and ports, and China-Europe train operations in order to build an international logistics channel.

The first "Qilu" China-Europe freight trains leave Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo and Linyi in East China's Shandong province for cities involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including Moscow, Tashkent in Uzbekistan, and Astana in Kazakhstan on Oct 31, 2018. The launch of the trains supports Jinan in building an international logistics channel. [Photo/IC]
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