Sichuan province

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Visiting Chengdu

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province. It located in the central part of the province. It is also one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China. The main ethnic groups in Chengdu are Han, and there are 44 ethnic minorities, including Hui, Mongolian, Tibetan, Miao, Manchu and Tujia. Chengdu has seven districts, eight counties and four county-level cities under its jurisdiction. Chengdu is an important base of the world electronic information industry, a famous national historical and cultural city, which is the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization, and one of the ten ancient capitals of China.

Watching giant pandas
If you go to Chengdu, in addition to experiencing the local cuisine, you must also go to the giant panda base on the outskirts of Chengdu. Giant panda base enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding is one of the main research bases for the Chinese government to carry out the relocation project for giant pandas and other endangered wild animals.

Chengdu's World Cultural Heritage
Chengdu is a national historical and cultural city, the birthplace of ancient civilization, one of China's top ten ancient capitals, with a history of more than 3,200 years.

Chengdu's history and culture
Chengdu, a paradise that really belongs to food, snacks, Sichuan cuisine and hot pot, constitutes a city full of food. Chengdu people not only love to eat, but also eat, so there is almost no ugly restaurant in Chengdu, and if you ask the restaurant on the street, people will also enthusiastically introduce where there is delicious food. And in Chengdu, eating is a very important thing, Guangzhou people prefer morning tea, Chengdu people prefer nightingale, and at 2 or 3 in the middle of the night can also see the crowded barbecue stalls and food stalls.

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