Anhui province

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Anhui has hot summers and cold winters (because there is no heating equipment there, the winter is really uncomfortable for people to endure). The off-seasons of most tourist attractions in Anhui province are from December to February, and the busy seasons are from March to November, a schedule basically consistent with the climate in Anhui.

Anhui is located in the area between warm temperate and subtropical zones, with Huaihe River as the boundary. The Huaibei area is part of the North China Plain and has a warm temperate and semi-moist monsoon climate. Meanwhile, the Huainan area has a subtropical humid monsoon climate, due to its many mountains. Anhui has four distinct seasons with a short spring and autumn. It is cold and dry in winter and hot and rainy in summer. Generally speaking, the coldest average temperature in January is about 2.4 degrees Celsius, while the hottest average temperature in summer is around 28.4 degrees. The best time to visit Anhui is from early April to November every year. It is rainy in July and August; therefore, attention should be paid beforehand if you would like to visit mountain areas.

Four seasons in Anhui

Spring in Anhui

Though the spring of Anhui province is short and cool, it is a good time to have a visit there. In March and April, the pleasant scenery of rapeseed flowers and Anhui-style houses attracts a lot of tourists. You will enjoy impressive and beautiful scenes in Shexian County, Yixian County, Jixi or Xin’anjiang River.

Summer in Anhui

Anhui has a long and hot summer. However, there are still many places where you can have a cool summer, such as Whitehorse Tip, Tiantangzhai, Tianzhushan, Qingliangfeng, Guniujiang, Qiyunshan, Jiuhuashan, Chaohu, Taipinghu and Xin’anjiang, etc.

Autumn in Anhui

Autumn is the best season for tourists to visit Anhui, whether to enjoy the city landscape or natural scenery. Autumn dyes the mountains and forests a radiant palate of reds and yellows, and it becomes a heaven for photographers. However, the difference in temperature between morning and night is quite drastic, so visitors should make sure to keep warm. One more word of advice: it would be better for you to avoid visiting during the National Day holiday, when hundreds of thousands of tourists are likely to join you.

Winter in Anhui

Huaihe River is the boundary line between the Northern and Southern parts of China. Anhui is on this line. However, there is no heating equipment in Anhui province; therefore, it is not a good idea for people to visit Anhui in winter. However, the snowy sights in Huangshan are famous attractions in winter. If you don’t mind a little cold, you can enjoy the different winter scenes and save some money on tickets and accommodation due to the weather. However, some remote scenic areas will be closed in winter, so you should check before you go there.

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