Liaoning province

Updated: Apr 3, 2019 China Daily Print

As an industrial base with a long history, Liaoning is rich in resources of industrial tourism. The government embarks on exploring industrial resources to further help develop Liaoning’s tourism industry.

At the Qing dynasty, Liaoning has begun to develop into an industry. With the founding of People’s Republic of China, Liaoning soon became a very important industrial base. After a hundred years of development and accumulation, Liaoning now owns a complicated industrial system as well as professional industrial technology.

As the third largest industrial province next to Anhui and Shandong, Liaoning industrial tourism began in 1999, when Anshan Iron and Steel Company started opening to the public. In 2001, nine industrial tourism projects were listed as standardized national industrial sites. Now, Anshan Iron and Steel Company have acquired an integrated service system which includes travel, lodging and dining. In 2003, it welcomed 163,000 visitors, and earned almost 30 million yuan in revenue.

Liaoning also has other well-known local industrial sites, such as Tiexi industrial areas, Shenyang Jobbing Foundry and Steam Locomotive Museum. Visitors are able to visit the Steam Locomotive Museum or the Worker's Village; while the younger audiences may enjoy a visit to the Coca-cola production line, Laolongkou wine Museum, or Shenfeng Aviation Garden.

The Shenyang International Tourist Festival will be held from July 15th to August 5th to promote Liaoning's industrial tourism as well.


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