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Cultural and creative industry

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The Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee held a news conference in 2017 to introduce the construction plan for the Zhejiang Cultural Industry Belt, which is aimed at adding fuel to the province’s cultural industry. It is expected that by 2035, the Zhijiang Cultural Industry Belt will become the main engine of the industry’s development in the province and an important growth pole for the development of the national cultural industry, as well as an international model for the rise of cultural industries and the transformation of culturally driven industries.

In 2017, the city's cultural and creative industries realized an added value of 304.1 billion yuan ($45.31 billion), a year-on-year increase of 19 percent. The number accounted for 24.2 percent of regional GDP. Hangzhou has 10 State-level cultural industrial parks and 24 municipal-level cultural and creative industrial parks. Hangzhou currently has 17 key cultural export enterprises and 30 listed companies in the cultural and creative industry.

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