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Kecheng Culture Center a retreat for leisure time

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Farmer paintings are on display at the exhibition area of the Kecheng Culture Center. [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]

The Culture Center in Kecheng district in Quzhou, Zhejiang province has become another option for local residents to spend their leisure time, local media recently reported.

With a building area of 15,500 square meters, the center includes a 4,000-square meter culture house, a 4,420-square meter library, and a 1,500-square meter outdoor square.

The three-storied library includes a reading area exclusively for children and a 24-hour self-service library.

The Kecheng Culture Center also houses three dressing rooms, two rehearsal rooms, a multi-function hall, a recording studio and six functional classrooms.

Various music classes are available at the center free of charge, including ones for guzheng (a 21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument), erhu (a two-stringed bowed instrument), and choir singing.

After two years of construction, the culture center started a trial operation in the end of August 2018 and a total of 12 performances have been staged at the center to date.


Local children and their parents frequent Kecheng Culture Center to read books or do homework on weekends. [Photo/WeChat account: quzhoufb]

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