Shanxi encourages preservation of cultural relics

Updated: Feb 11, 2019 Xinhua Print

TAIYUAN, Feb. 7 -- Authorities in northern China's Shanxi Province have passed a regulation encouraging public participation in the protection and utilization of cultural relics.

The regulation, to be effective on Feb. 15, sets standards on the adoption of immovable cultural relics, public services in museums and volunteer services, according to the Shanxi Culture Relics Bureau.

The regulation encourages the public to use the immovable cultural relics to run museums, art galleries, exhibition centers and community libraries. It demands that the public keep the cultural relics intact when repairing them.

"The regulation is conducive to enhancing people's cultural consciousness," said Lei Jianguo, director of the bureau. "It allows the public to share the fruit of cultural development."

In 2017, Shanxi launched projects encouraging the public to better preserve and utilize its cultural relics. Up to now, a total of 62 projects have been adopted by the public for renovation, receiving more than 18 million yuan (2.66 million U.S. dollars) of social funds.

Shanxi boasts abundant cultural heritages. The province has registered more than 53,000 immovable cultural relics, including more than 28,000 ancient buildings.

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