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Praying for a prosperous new year: a pilgrim’s guide to Zhoushan

Updated: Jan.31, 2019 Print

Chinese people welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival with food, fireworks and family reunions. It is also commonly believed that people who pray at the beginning of a year will be granted Buddha’s blessing and protection. Endowed with a profound Buddhist culture, Zhoushan offers visitors not only beautiful natural scenery and tasty delicacies, but also numerous Buddhist temples where they can worship.

Putuo Mountain: a home to Chinese Buddhism

As one of the four Sacred Mountains of Chinese Buddhism, Putuo Mountain has 82 temples and nunneries scattered in three main regions. Visitors to the island will encounter monks in traditional robes as they walk along the many paths that crisscross the landscape.

Puji Temple

Starting from the westernmost side of Putuo Mountain, visitors can see Puji Temple, the largest temple in the area and also a must-visit site for pilgrims.

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