Hohhot offers snow and ice celebrations in Spring Festival

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5.       Winter Tourism Celebrations in Yuquan district

Serial activities at Baifang folk custom village

Time: Dec 24, 2018 – Feb 19, 2019

Highlights: Visitors can have a taste of authentic Mongolian food in Mongolian yurts.

Serial activities at Mongolian Style Park (along 209 National Highway)

Time: Jan 1, 2019 – Feb 19, 2019

Highlights: A variety of entertainment activities and facilities make it a wonderland for children.

6.       Ice and Snow Festival in Saihan district

Time: Dec 30, 2018 – Feb 28, 2019

Location: Daheihe Bridge in Jinqiao Development zone, Saihan district

Highlights: An ice and snow sculpture exhibition, a light show, entertainment events

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