Hohhot offers snow and ice celebrations in Spring Festival

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4.       Winter Tourism Celebrations in Huimin district

Serial activities at Mengliang Folk Culture Park

Location: At the intersection between West Erhuan Road and West Genghis Khan Street)

Time: Nov 16, 2018 – Feb 3, 2019


Snow wonderland: The wonderland will take place on the newly-built racecourse with convenient transportation and parking available. Entertainment facilities and themed activities feature the place.  

Parent-children activities: Parents can take their children to have a real touch of the food making processes in a series of interactive activities.

Light show: LED lights decorate more than 80 Mongolian yurts to present a fabulous night view.

Shopping fair: Cheap and high-quality products are on sale, including cashmere products, daily necessities, local specialties, and jewelries. After-sale services such as purchase returns and complaint resolutions are supported.

Serial activities at Beijiguang ski resort (in Wusutu National Forest Park)

Time: November 2018 – March 2019


Free skiing lessons for primary and middle-school students from 9 am to 11 am on Saturdays and Mondays.

Snow-themed games or competitions will be organized on weekends.

Figure skating performances will also take place twice every month.

Serial activities at Monishan Town

Time: Jan 13 – Feb 19


Traditional culture: Visitors can experience the Chinese intangible cultures of paper cutting, Chinese calligraphy and cloth painting.

Lantern Festival gala: The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th of the first lunar month. On that day, a series of activities and performances, including riddle guesses, lion dancing, and high stilts walking will be held. Visitors can also experience lantern-making there.  

 2019年1月15日,由内蒙古自治区文化和旅游厅主办,内蒙古展览馆承办的“非遗过大年 文化进万家——2019年全区非物质文化遗产年货展”在呼和浩特市举行。本次年货展设品味年味、看见年味、扮靓年味、年味十足四个展区,100余个国家级、省级和市级非遗项目进行展演、展示展销、互动体验等。活动旨在将非遗融入传统新春佳节,让记忆里的浓浓年味在非遗传统中鲜活起来。.jpg

A young visitor views traditional Chinese handicraft products at a Spring Festival shopping fair in Hohhot on Jan 15. [Photo/IC]

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