Plum fragrance, hot springs, lantern shows for your relaxation in Yangzhou during festival

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Zaolinwan Horticultural Expo Park

Lantern show

As the host site of the 10th Jiangsu Horticultural Expo from September to October 2018, Zaolinwan Horticultural Expo Park in Yangzhou's satellite city Yizheng was very popular.

During this year's Spring Festival, a large lantern show will be held, displaying three themes, including local customs and a dream-like wonderland in splendid lights, sounds and characters. Over 60 sets of festive lanterns will be on display, setting a historic record.

Additionally, during the lantern show, various activities will be held, such as guessing lantern riddles, DIY lanterns and folk custom shows.

The scenic area has also launched a series of one-day tour routes in cooperation with Tianle Lake scenic area, allowing visitors to experience the joy of picking fresh vegetables and fruit, enjoy hot springs and get a taste of organic food in Yizheng.


Feb 5-Feb 19: Folk custom shows, including dragon and lion dances, acrobatics and Yangzhou opera

Feb 9: Activities to welcome the God of Wealth

Feb 14: Activities to celebrate Valentine's Day

Feb 19: Activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival

Ticket price: 80 yuan per person (If you buy a ticket on the spot, it is only 40 yuan.)

Opening times: 15:30-21:00, from Jan 28 to March 8


Over 60 sets of festive lanterns are expected to be on display during the lantern show, setting a historic record. [Photo/]

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