Dachang Construction Group Co Ltd

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A project built by the Dachang Construction Group Co Ltd [Photo/daccc.com]

Dachang Construction Group Co Ltd was founded in July 1958. In January 1998, it was reorganized into Zhoushan Dachang Construction and Installation Engineering Co Ltd. With the approval of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in 2007, it was renamed Dachang Construction Group Co Ltd. It was the first construction company to acquire qualification for housing construction in Zhoushan city. The company also has two design qualifications: grade A qualification for building curtain wall engineering design and grade B qualification for building intelligent system designs.

The company's total registered capital is nearly 200 million yuan ($29.6 million), and the annual construction output value can reach more than 2 billion yuan. It has more than 350 professionals of various types, including 34 senior engineers, and more than 120 construction engineers.

After 50 years of development, the group has seven subsidiaries: Zhejiang Dachang Blasting Engineering Co Ltd, Zhoushan Dachang Ready Concrete Co Ltd, Zhoushan Yizheng Building Engineering Inspection Co Ltd, Zhoushan Dachang Real Estate Development Co Ltd, Zhoushan Welsh Hotel Management Co Ltd, Zhoushan Dayangguang Plastic Steel Coating Co Ltd, and Zhoushan Fuli Construction Co Ltd.

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