Zhejiang Dayang Aquatic Products Co Ltd

Updated: Jan 17, 2019 Print

Located in Dinghai, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang Dayang Aquatic Products Co Ltd was founded in July 1995. At the beginning of 2003, it established a Sino-Japan joint venture in order to enter the international market.

A squid product from Zhejiang Dayang Aquatic Products Co Ltd. [Photo/zjdayang.cn]

Covering 23.2 square kilometers with one office building, two cold storage facilities and a quick freezer, it has production lines for cooked and frozen products. It is also equipped with other facilities such as dining halls, a wharf, a water treatment stand and laboratories.

It is a registered manufacturer in Japan and Korea. In 2003, it also passed the US Food and Drug Administration registration. With advanced technology and modern business administration, it can produce 12,000 tons of aquatic products per year.

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