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Yangzhou announces preferential policies to Taiwan residents

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Yangzhou municipal government releases 68 measures to promote cooperation between Taiwan and Yangzhou at a news conference in November 2018. [Photo/yangzhou.gov.cn]

Yangzhou municipal government announced 68 new measures to promote cooperation between Taiwan and Yangzhou at a news conference in November 2018.

Yangzhou is a major gathering place for Taiwan businessmen to invest and live in the Chinese mainland, and Taiwan-invested companies have become an important component of Yangzhou's economic development.

By the end of October 2018, 1,538 Taiwan-invested projects were approved by Yangzhou government, with their investments adding up to $4.49 billion.

Based on the 31 measures released by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the 76 suggestions announced by Jiangsu province in cross-Straits economic and cultural communication and cooperation, Yangzhou took the city's specific situation into account and refined the policies targeting Taiwan-invested enterprises and Taiwan residents in Yangzhou.

Yangzhou encouraged Taiwan-invested companies to participate in the construction or operation of various hi-tech and cultural organizations such as high-tech business incubators, cultural and creative industry parks, technology service intermediaries and retirement organizations. Equivalent incentive treatments with Yangzhou local companies will be provided as along as these Taiwan companies meet relevant conditions.

Cooperation in fostering Yangzhou's key industrial chains, along with innovations in small and micro business was also encouraged.

Yangzhou's 68 measures will provide more opportunities for Taiwan residents to carry out non-governmental exchanges and cultural cooperation in Yangzhou. Organizations in the cultural and creative industry from both sides were supported to deepen cooperation in various fields, including talents cultivation and cultural exhibitions.

According to the document, the cultural creative design competition between Taiwan and Yangzhou, first held in Yangzhou in June 2018, would be continued to accelerate and deepen integration of traditional Yangzhou culture and Taiwan creative designs.

Encouraging and supporting Taiwan youth to take internships and start businesses in Yangzhou were mentioned in the document, along with the offering of subsidies in areas such as house renting, social insurance and entrepreneurship.

"It has become a trend for Taiwan youths to seek development opportunities on the Chinese mainland," said Ping Zhiming, director of Yangzhou's Taiwan Affairs Office. "Right now, more than 300 Taiwan youths are studying or working in Yangzhou and the number is increasing every year."



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