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Quzhou adds one national 4A and six 3A scenic spots

Updated: Jan 9, 2019 chinadaily.com.cn Print

A scenic spot in Quzhou, East China's Zhejiang province was recently approved at the national 4A level and six others were identified as national 3A level, according to the local tourism administration.

As of the end of 2018, Quzhou has 66 national scenic spots, two of which are supreme 5A level and 14 of which are 4A level.

4A level scenic spot — Meishudi scenic spot

Covering an area of 8 million square meters, Meishudi scenic spot in Changshan county is renowned for its towering old trees and boundless evergreen bamboo forest.

In additional to pleasant landscapes, Meishudi also houses many ancient villages dotted with nearly 20 family inns where tourists not only can taste delicious edible wild herbs and local mellow teas, but also observe the making of Guanyin tofu, a local snack made from leaves.

3A level scenic spot — ancient Nanwu village

Nanwu village in Jiangshan, a county-level city in Quzhou, is famous for its numerous scenic spots.

Its two Yang Family's Ancenstral Temples have been identified as important heritage sites under state protection and its temple fair has been listed as a Quzhou intangible cultural heritage.

3A level scenic spot — Huahai scenic spot

With an area of 5,000 mu (333.33 hectares), Huahai, or Sea of Flower scenic spot in Longyou county is full of more than 200 species of flowers and other vegetation flourishing in spring and autumn.

The scenic spot organizes various activities for visitors during festivals, such as light shows and carnivals.

3A level scenic spot — Honggongshan Mountain scenic spot

The verdant Honggongshan Mountain scenic spot in Changshan county is situated in ancient Honggongshan village, the first group of provincial historical and cultural villages.

The scenic spot highlights family inns, fruit picking and other agricultural entertainment.

The three other 3A level scenic spots in Quzhou are Guanggu town, Shidun and the Tea Expo Garden.


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