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Pingyin Industrial Park in Shandong province, originally known as Jixi Industrial Park, was founded in 2001 and was approved by Jinan municipal government. In March 2006, it was approved by the Shandong government to be a provincial-level industrial park and got its current name. It is the "western industrial park" that Jinan city has attached great importance to. Covering 400 hectares, the park reaches Cuiping Street to the north, National Highway 105 to the south, Qinglong Road to the east, and Baozi Village to the west.

Located at the junction of Jinan, Tai'an, Liaocheng, and Heze, the park is 60 kilometers from downtown Jinan. It is the only path that people from North China or from Shandong Peninsula can pass through when doing economic trade with people in Central China or in the inland. National highways 105 and 220, Provincial Highway 329, Jinan-Guangzhou Highway and Qingdao-Lanzhou Highway intersect there. It is 12 km from Hutun station on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and 50 km from Liaocheng station on the Beijing-Jiulong Railway. People can quickly arrive at Qingdao Port via Qingdao-Lanzhou Highway. It only takes 90 minutes to reach Beijing and three hours to reach Shanghai on high-speed trains from Jinan West Railway Station. The rapid transit network composed of national highways, provincial highways, expressways and railways help to promote the park's hypernormal development.

In order to make full use of the park's leading role, Pingyin county Party committee and county government released a guideline to accelerate the construction and development of Pingyin Industrial Park in April 2012. They proposed focusing on investment attraction and infrastructure construction, and conducting second-time entrepreneurship. The newly planned park covers a combined area of 3,003 hectares and consists of three sections:

One is the core area of the park, which will expand to the north, south and west from the original core area. It mainly includes Yushan office, Jinshui office and Meigui town. The expanded core area is planned to have coverage of 1,474 hectares. The second is the industrial new city area in the east of the park, which is designed with two sections and covers a combined area of 1,128.7 hectares. This area is expected to be a model for the integration and mutual promotion of industry and city. The third is the Kongcun area of the park, which is located at Kongcun town and covers 401.4 hectares.

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