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Procedures and documents for enterprise registration

Updated: Dec 27, 2018 Print

Registration procedures for Foreign-Invested Enterprises to Enroll in Industrial and Commercial Sectors:

Documents required for names Pre-Approval
1. Application Form for Pre-Approved Names of Foreign-Invested Enterprises;
2. Copies of all investors' certification;
3. Other relevant documents, certifications.

Documents required for company registration
1. Application Form for Establishing Registration of Foreign-Invested Companies;
2. The approval document of the approving authority;
3. Articles of Association;
4. Name Pre-Approval Notice;
5. The main qualification certificate of the investors, or identity of natural persons;
6. Office papers of directors, supervisors and managers, as well as copies of identities;
7. Office papers and copies of identity of legal representative;
8. Verification certificate issued by the legally established verification institution;
9. Shareholders investing in non-monetary property for the first time should submit certifying documents of transferred property (note: No 8 and 9 applies only to limited corporations, finance, securities, insurance companies and fund management companies, etc., as well as limited corporations that have paid all of the investing money at one time at the time of foundation, or other types of limited corporations that paid all or part of the investment money at the time of foundation);
10. Company Residence Proof;
11. The meeting records of the establishing meeting (Apply to Co., Ltd. setting up by raising money);
12. Pre-Approval documents or certificates (applies to foreign investing enterprises involved in projects that require pre-approval in the business scopes which are required by laws, administrative regulations and the State Council regulations);
13. Accredited Authorization;
14. Other relevant documents.

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